Artwork Inspire Delivery Details

Product delivery

Orders are currently being accepted only for delivery within the United Kingdom.

Processing of all orders by mail are being handled personally and on a first come, first served basis. Whilst the aim is to dispatch order as quickly as possible, typically within 24-72 hours of receipt, delays may occur due to large numbers of orders received.

FREE DELIVERY in selected areas

As I am based in Paisley, I would like to offer local delivery personally as much as possible. This will be offered free of charge in the PA1, as well as easily reachable parts of the PA2 and PA3 areas. Due to geographical size of areas, it is not possible to provide this offer to all streets and areas within these postcodes.

I will attempt to provide a full list of streets and areas I can offer this to i time. Where it becomes necessary, I will make delivery via Royal Mail at my own expense.
If you choose this option, and wish to contact me regarding delivery, you can call me on 0333 050 7032 between the hours of 8am and 5pm

Please note that individual 'Coaster Card' spiral line art designs are now available as downloadable items after purchase. They can be downloaded to mobile for use with social colouring apps if desired. Alternatively, they can be downloaded for printing.

This statement is updated, and complete as at 29th November 2018. It will be reviewed on a regular basis.